Revolutionize your in-flight experience

Choose your neighbors before you choose your seat

Easily get bored on flights?

Have an interesting conversation with a fellow flier. AirBae users can indicate their willingness to chat and choose to sit near someone equally as social. Users may also choose to link social media accounts.

Like to do your own thing
while flying?

We understand, choose your seat next to those that feel the same way. AirBae users can find neighbors who also want to just sit back and relax.

Traveling with kids?

Find seating arrangements that work for you and your neighbors. Users can even find other children on the flight so that traveling is more enjoyable for all.

So how exactly does this work?

  • Step 1

    Search for your flight

  • Step 2

    Answer a few short questions about your travel style

  • Step 3

    Find neighbors and view their preferences to see if you're compatible

  • Step 4 (optional)

    Add additional information or link social media accounts such as Facebook. LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter

Our Mission

AirBae was founded in 2017 to make traveling an enjoyable experience. Subscribe and stay tuned for more updates and our platform launch in the next few weeks.